About Taumarunui

With a population of just under 5000, Taumarunui is the largest town in the Ruapehu District. It serves as a rural service provider and shopping centre around 2.5 hours from Hamilton and 45 minutes to Whakapapa Village in the Tongariro National Park with the Whanganui National Park right on its doorstep.


The town of Taumarunui also sits on the Adventure Highway, a special length of highway which begins at the 8-mile junction south of Te Kuiti and ends at Waiouru. It is also located at the beginning (and end) of “The Forgotten Highway”.


Along these highways of wide-open spaces are many recreational activities and outdoor pursuits such as canoeing, jetboating, fishing, golfing, mountain biking, cycle trails, walks, tramps and rail cart rides along with many others. If you are into outdoor adventures that suits all ages then Taumarunui is worth the experience.


The meeting point of both the Whanganui and Ongarue Rivers at Cherry Grove is historically important in Maori culture and serves as the perfect spot for many water based activities.

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