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Is a rateable value (RV) enough?

It's important to remember that local councils conduct property valuations every three years, so they don't consider current market factors. They also may not take into account work done to improve the property. Therefore, we only recommend using the RV (or CV) as a rough guide.

Online valuations

Many websites offer an estimated value range based on a melting pot of data from sales of comparable properties, listing details and user activity. While useful, these sites can't process the whole picture by considering improvements, statistical and environmental factors.

A FREE appraisal from a property expert

Our property appraisals are based on real-time and real-life knowledge. When you ask, "What's my house worth?" we look at similar sold properties, the particular characteristics of the property, the area, school zones and much more. Only a good ol' human can give you the actual value of your property.

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We’ve proudly delivered exceptional real estate services to the regions for more than 35 years, and thrive in places where relationships and trust count for everything, and a deal is done on a handshake. With deep provincial roots, relationships, and extensive experience, we consistently deliver our clients with incredible service and results. Our salespeople are skilled at marketing and negotiation and do the little things that make a difference, working hard to ensure that your property receives the attention it deserves.

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