Applying for a rental property

Rental property application process

So, you've found a property that may be the perfect fit, how exciting! Now you will need to start the rental application process...but how does this work? 

With shortages in many towns and cities, it's making it increasingly difficult to find a rental property, never mind one that ticks all the boxes.

It's never been more important to make a great impression, here are a few ideas around how to do this:

  1. Book a viewing as soon as you possibly can - It's always a great idea to view the property in person. Ask lots of important questions, get a good idea about the location, neighbours, traffic and more.
  2. First impressions count - Arrive on time, be tidy, and if possible, bring along referee letters.
  3. Complete forms comprehensively - It seems silly to even have to mention this, but it happens more often than not. Comprehensive form completion speeds credit checks up.
  4. Be honest - You may know that there will be red flags that pop up, front foot these by raising these. For example, you may be unemployed, but you could in fact be starting a new job next week!
  5. Take action - A great way to make a great impression is to pick up the phone and make a call. Emails and online applications are good too, but remember, you will be one of many, many applications.

We have highlighted some information below, which will need to be completed prior to moving into your rental. 

  • Tenancy Application Forms - A tenancy application form will need to be completed and signed prior to moving into your rental. These can come in the form of fixed-term or periodic tenancy agreements - to explore the differences explore our Renting Guide. We will also require references from you - a reference could come from a previous landlord, employer or property manager. Tenancy Application Forms are available through your local Property Manager. To obtain a Tenancy Application form, please contact a Property Brokers branch near you and speak to one of our Property Managers.
  • Proof of income - If you are selected as a preferred applicant, we will request proof of income.
  • Identification - You will be required to provide proof of identification; this can be in the form of your driver's license, passport or photo ID.
  • Cost and fees - We will request that a bond amount be paid in advance. This will need to be paid up-front to ensure that you're in advance. A bond will usually be the equivalent of four weeks' rent and will be held by Tenancy Services (in the event that there is property damage at the end of your lease). Your bond will be returned to you once it has been confirmed that the home has been left in a reasonable condition.
  • Rental history - Are you a first-time renter? If so, you may be concerned about providing a rental history as this may not be something you have available. We will be looking for your ability to make regular rental payments, care for the property and meet the conditions and terms of the rental agreement.

When renting a property and moving in, there will be many things that you will need to know.

Our goal is to ensure that the tenancy runs smoothly for both you and your landlord. We will ensure that you, your landlord and the property are looked after in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act.

We've compiled a Renting Guide to offer help and advice around some frequently asked questions.

Still have questions?  

Call into one of our Property Brokers branches and speak to our team about the rental properties we have available and the property management packages we offer.  

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