What to expect from your tenancy

Our goal is to make sure the tenancy runs smoothly for both you and your landlord

We will ensure that you, your landlord and the property are looked after in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. If you have not rented through us before, we are sure you will find our processes and procedures helpful and our award-winning service second to none.

Making appointments

As our Property Managers are often out of the office, it is important that you arrange an appointment time if you wish to call into the office to discuss any aspect of your tenancy.

We know that there’s nothing more annoying than having to wait, or being unable to talk to the person that you wish to see.

We’re happy to meet with you and assist however we can, so please just call to make an appointment first.

Initial inspection report

The Initial Inspection Report sets out in detail the current condition of the property you are moving into. You will be given this report when you are given the keys to the property. This report is used at the end of your tenancy for the bond refund. That you take the time to read it carefully and verify the information is correct. If you need to make any additions or amendments to your inspection report, do so on the form and return a copy of it to your Property Manager within seven days of the tenancy starting.


We ask for four weeks rent as bond. The bond money and form is lodged with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) within 23 working days of the commencement of your tenancy. You will receive an acknowledgement form from MBIE. This contains details of the bond lodged with them and includes your bond number. Keep this in a safe place. If there are any changes to the tenancy, it is imperative that the information on the bond form reflects this.


Only the people originally included on your rental application or Tenancy Agreement are allowed to reside permanently at the property.

Any alteration to this must be discussed with your Property Manager, as you will become in breach of your Tenancy Agreement if you choose to allow other people to reside at the property.

The total number of occupants that may reside at the property is included in your Tenancy Agreement.


It is your responsibility to have the electricity, gas, telephone and internet service changed over to your name when you move into the property and finalise these accounts when you vacate. Depending on your region, you may be responsible for water rates as well.

If you require assistance with connecting power, gas, telephone and internet, Property Brokers can help with a company providing a free connection service, making life a lot easier for you.

Property inspections

We carry out property inspections approximately every 13 weeks. You will be given at least 48 hours written notice of when this is to take place.

To provide a comprehensive report to the owner, we are required to take internal and external photographs as part of the inspection. Our team take property inspections very seriously and asks that you do as well.

If you wish to be present and the date does not suit, please contact your Property Manager.

Paying rent

Your rent must be paid in advance by internet banking or automatic payment (AP), payment must come out of your account on the same day every week, (no sporadic payments). Bank account details for your rent to be paid into and the reference details required are included in your tenancy agreement. You will have been provided with an AP form, if this is your preferred method of payment please fill in your account details and return this to your bank at least three days before your rent payment is due.

Rent arrears

Property Brokers has a zero tolerance policy to rent arrears. If you fall more than one week behind in paying your rent, we will apply to the Tenancy Tribunal to resolve the matter.

In all cases of rent arrears, the provisions of the Residential Tenancies Act will apply.

If you are having genuine difficulty paying rent it is in your best interest to notify us as soon as possible.


If you lose your keys or lock yourself out during business hours, you may be able to use our keys (if they are available). It is important to note that for privacy and security reasons, we are only able to give keys to tenants listed on the Tenancy Agreement. Photo identification must be produced.

After hours you will need to call a locksmith. This will be at your expense. You can only change the locks with the permission of your Property Manager and a duplicate set of keys must then be given to your Property Manager.

Hanging pictures

Please do not use ‘Blu-Tak’ (or similar products), sticky tape, drawing pins to hang or place pictures on the wall.

Removal of these items at a later stage usually causes damage to the walls.

Picture hooks are preferable but we ask that you leave them where they are when you leave, as removing them may damage the wall.


Responsibility for who maintains the grounds will be noted under Lawns and Gardens (part 1) of your tenancy agreement. If you are responsible for maintaining the grounds, we ask that lawns are mowed approximately every fortnight, that the gardens are maintained and the weeds removed and disposed of.

We ask that you remove all grass clippings and garden waste from the section. Tree trimming is the responsibility of your landlord.

Rubbish collection

Your local council collects rubbish in your area. They will only collect rubbish that’s been placed in official council rubbish bags. These can be purchased from any supermarket, Mitre 10 or direct from your local council. In some areas, rubbish bags are only supplied by the council. The rubbish and recycling need to be placed at the curbside before 7.00 am. Check your local council website for recycling days. Remember, any rubbish not disposed of regularly can become a health hazard, especially during the summer months.

For more information please refer to our Renting guide

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