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New Zealand's rental property management market is fast-paced and changes are rapid. Landlords may not be aware of market shifts or current levels of demand. This in turn means that their investment may be underperforming without their knowledge. As New Zealand's second-largest landlord, we know our markets intimately and have systems and procedures in place that other agents aspire to.

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Property Brokers manage more than 6000 properties throughout heartland New Zealand, collecting rents of over 100 million, and enjoy higher occupancy levels. Our comprehensive appraisals include up-to-date market information and detail on comparable properties to ensure that you receive better rental rates that rise in line with the market and enjoy higher occupancy levels.

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Our rental property appraisals deliver true value and are based on real-time, real-life knowledge of the area. We look at what similar rental properties have rented for and will do a walkthrough to look at the condition and particular characteristics of your property To recognise true value, you need to really know an area and its intricacies. We do.

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We’ve proudly delivered exceptional property management services to the regions for more than 35 years, and thrive in places where relationships and trust count for everything, and a deal is done on a handshake. With deep provincial roots, relationships, and extensive experience, we consistently deliver our clients with incredible service and results. Our Property Managers do the little things that make a difference, working hard to ensure that your property and tenants receive the attention they deserve.

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From the top of the North through to the deep South, our salespeople are renowned for providing exceptional service because our clients deserve nothing less.

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Managing thousands of rental properties throughout provincial New Zealand, our award-winning team saves you time and money, so you can make the most of yours.

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With a team of over 850 strong in more than 88 locations throughout provincial New Zealand, a friendly Property Brokers branch is likely to never be too far from where you are.