Methods of sale

What are the different ways to sell, and how do they work?

When choosing a sale method, we will provide you with advice based on the best outcome for your situation and the current market. Methods of sale that involve a quick but intense marketing period are often the best choice and give you the opportunity to create a sense of urgency for buyers to act quickly.


Auction is a way of selling your property through public negotiation following a high profile and transparent marketing campaign to determine the true market value of your property.


  • The element of competition may result in a premium price
  • You’re in control. You set the terms, conditions, reserve price and settlement date
  • Can sell before, at, or after Auction day
  • Deadline for buyers to act and gives purchases a date to complete their due diligence
  • Once sold, the sale is unconditional with a deposit paid on the day
  • A transparent process.

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Fixed price

Selling at a fixed price is when an asking price is placed on the property, allowing buyers to make conditional and unconditional offers at any time.


  • Ensure that your property attracts buyers who are willing to offer the price that you are asking
  • High profile - large exposure to the marketplace
  • Buyers have a clear indication of your price expectation
  • Faster negotiation process as buyers understand your desired selling price
  • No time pressure on property owners, but likewise on purchasers.

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Tender and deadline sale

Under a tender, buyers give confidential written offers to the agent before a specified end date. All offers will be considered after the closing date and will either be accepted or negotiations will begin. A deadline sale or private treaty is very similar to the tender process but is less formal and allows more flexibility, particularly for the vendor.


  • A set deadline for buyers to act
  • The element of competition can result in a premium price
  • Negotiations can take place after the tender date
  • You have five working days from the closing date to decide if you will accept the offer
  • You’re in control. You set the terms, conditions and settlement

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By negotiation

When selling by negotiation, your property is placed on the market by your listing agent with either an asking price, or simply ‘by negotiation’.


  • High profile - large exposure to the marketplace
  • Maximise the sale price by not fixing an upper limit
  • Allow a margin for a premium without over-pricing your property
  • Draw in a greater range of buyers to consider your property
  • Prevent buyers from dismissing the property because of your asking price

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