How we manage

As New Zealand's second-largest landlord, we proudly manage thousands of properties, collecting rents of over 100 million.

We save you time and money, so you can make the most of yours. 

With Property Brokers, you gain access to the extensive support network that is; specialist marketing team, IT department, finance team and maintenance and compliance team. It takes a lot to manage properties successfully, and the property management team are well supported.

We love what we do, and it shows.

Everything our Property Brokers Rental Property Management division does contributes to our commitment to provide long term trouble-free tenancies for landlords and a great home for Property Brokers' tenants and their families. Our dedication to raising the bar in the industry for tenants and landlords has seen us receive a REINZ Innovation Award as well as a REINZ Large Residential Property Management Office of the Year Award. 

Top people, top results

There is a huge difference between a good Property Manager and a bad one. A good Property Manager will help maintain your investment, tailor our services to meet your goals and work to maximise the earning potential of your investment. We take responsibility to not only manage a rental property well but to suggest and implement change that will improve the financial health of your investment. Our focus has always been on reducing the risks associated with property management as well as delivering our clients with exceptional service because they deserve nothing less.

Saving you time

Managing properties takes time. Every day it is becoming more challenging, and we are not only managing your investment, but we are also managing change, and looking to meet all the changes in legislation. A good property manager is like a giant sponge. We soak up all the challenges and ensure that you are paid on time, every month.

Specialised service

With the increased complexity and changing landscape of property management, it has never been more critical to have someone in your corner that knows the legislation under the Residential Tenancies Act, Healthy Homes Standards, MBIE audits, Building Act, PCBU’s and Health & Safety. It's important to get these right, and it's our job to steer our clients through the legislative requirements. Our strong focus on training, technology, communication and outstanding customer service sees us deliver a comprehensive property management service, helping to maintain your capital investment and providing you with the expertise to grow your investment in the years ahead.

The right tenant, in the right property

There is a lot behind selecting a suitable tenant, and to ensure that we get this right, Property Brokers invests extensively in gaining access to the most comprehensive tenant application process, and background checks available in the industry. At Property Brokers we know that a successful investment hinges on placing the right tenant in the right property.

Tried and true

We’re fiercely proud of being a New Zealand owned, family business, ensuring that profits and people stay right here. We’re not bogged down with corporate reporting, mergers, excessive directorships or governance. We’re just hard-working, honest folk with clear business principles and ethics we hold dear, and accountable only to our own family and you, our valued clients.

Giving back

At the core of everything we do is an unwavering commitment to make a difference to the communities we serve. So you'll quietly find Property Brokers people putting enormous effort, both in time and money, into all sorts of sports, cultural, charity and community events. We love our towns, and that passion shows every time we show a property. We're passionate about our communities and want to see them thrive.

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Managing thousands of rental properties throughout provincial New Zealand, our award-winning team saves you time and money, so you can make the most of yours.

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