Why choose us

We're different

Not all real estate companies are created equal. Although they might look similar, they are, in fact, very different. Our model is simple - everything we do is designed to achieve the maximum sale price in a time frame that best suits our clients.

True Team

We are unique. Our True Team Promise is our commitment to you that everyone in our team will be working to sell your property. Here's what that means for you:

  1. All our salespeople work for you - when you enlist a PB sales consultant, you engage the whole local and national team. All of our sales consultants are free to introduce their buyers to your property, creating competition at a scale that is simply not possible with most of our competitors.
  2. Motivated to find the best buyer - we get it; other real estate offices also have local teams, but are they working together to sell your property? Our commission is split 60% to the listing agent and 40% to the selling agent. All our agents are highly motivated to find the best buyer and work with them to ensure they have the best chance of buying the property. Other agencies sometimes don't let other agents introduce buyers or give 90% to the listing agent. So you are in effect only enlisting the help of one person to sell your property! and that's the worst thing you could do: more salespeople, larger networks, more competition, higher sale prices.
  3. We're not franchised - Although franchise brands say they work together, they are, in fact, privately owned businesses that work in isolation. The only thing that's really shared is the logo. It's quite common that a franchise brand will directly compete with the same brand in the neighbouring town. We work together across the country as no one else can. You won't see our sales consultants jealously guarding listings or buyers - we're too busy working together to get you the best result. It also means our sales consultants, from North to South, have the same high level of training and access to market-leading marketing and IT resources.
  4. Strong across all divisions - We're one of the few companies that are strong across Residential, Lifestyle, Rural, Commercial and Property Management. Our buyer networks are much larger, and we can put together deals that our competitors wouldn't know about. The commercial investor who is looking to divest into residential, the retired farmer that is looking to invest, the tenant that is looking to buy their first house - we know them all.
  5. Support staff - In addition to our sales networks, each of our sales consultants are backed by a vast support network spanning administration, management, training, marketing and IT. With the collective grunt of our sales team, state of the art marketing, technology and systems, we can provide a service offering that we believe is unrivalled across New Zealand.

We're a 100% kiwi owned family business

There are few businesses of our size that are still firmly in the hands of family ownership. Our business structure allows us to take the best of both worlds; we have the resources and professional disciplines of a large corporate. We are, however, nimble enough to respond to the ever-changing industry, ensuring our customers receive market-leading service every time.

Our culture and family values allow us to attract the best people to our business. People who are invested in their communities. People who are truly looking to make a difference to provincial New Zealand. When you're dealing with a Property Brokers sales consultant, you can trust that they will do right by you every time.

Best people, best results

There is a huge difference between a good agent and a bad one. A good negotiator and marketer can add tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to your sale price. So why would someone genuinely great at their job opt to earn less money in a company with fewer resources? The simple answer is they wouldn't. That's why our model attracts only the best.

It's a win-win

The more money we can get you, the more money we'll make. You won't see a PB agent taking the first offer because it's easy. We'll fight hammer and nails to get you the highest price because we know every little bit counts.

Powerful partnerships

We are members of the largest national and largest international networks. These networks are responsible for a large number of buyer referrals.  

  1. NZ Realtors - made up of NZ's leading independent real estate companies with over 2700 salespeople. Barfoot and Thompson dominate Auckland, Tommy's Wellington and Lodge Hamilton.
  2. Leading RE - Invitation-only membership for market-leading independent firms - over 150k salespeople across over 70 countries
  3. Farmlands - Our long-term strategic partnership with Farmlands gives our clients exclusive access to over 64,000+ Farmlanders


Our team is highly specialised across divisions; residential, lifestyle, rural and commercial because a specialist outperforms a generalist every time. With the increased complexity and changing landscape of property transactions, it has never been more critical to have someone in your corner that knows the market, economic factors, and business systems intimately.

This specialisation must also extend into real estate sales, negotiation, and modern marketing techniques. Whether you're a large corporate entity or a single seller, we have the people in our team that can bring a niche range of skills to bear to put together tricky property transactions.

We know the regions

We are the only company that specialises in the regions. We know our areas better than anyone. It's easy to sell something you love, so we can certainly sell provincial New Zealand. Why would you want to live anywhere else?

Big enough to get great deals

As NZ's second-largest privately owned real estate company, we are able to negotiate the best rates with all our marketing suppliers and pass these on to customers. We also invest in market-leading technology to give our agents and customers the edge.

Giving back

At the core of everything we do is an unwavering commitment to make a difference in the communities we serve. So you'll quietly find Property Brokers people putting enormous effort, both in time and money, into all sorts of sports, cultural, charity and community events. We love our towns, and that passion shows every time we show a property. We're passionate about our communities and want to see them thrive.


Our family business has been around for over 35 years; we've seen the good times and been through the bad. We have the experience to know how to best support our customers in any market to ensure we get the best outcome. We know our system works.

Don't just take our word for it

Property Brokers consistently takes out the top awards at the Real Estate Industry Awards (REINZ). We're in the top 1% of agencies year after year - here are this year's awards:


2023 Small Residential Property Management Office of the Year: Property Brokers Wairoa

2023 Community Service Award - Small: Property Brokers Rangiora – Toot for Tucker


2023 Large Agency of the Year - All Disciplines

2023 Medium Residential Office of the Year - Property Brokers Hastings

2023 Medium Residential Office of the Year - Property Brokers Whanganui

2023 Small Residential Office of the Year - Property Brokers Feilding

2023 Small Rural Office of the Year - Property Brokers Ashburton

2023 Manager of the Year

2023 Personal Assistant of the Year

2023 Residential Property Manager - Rising Star of the Year

2023 Rural Rising Star - Salesperson of the Year

Customer satisfaction score

We also survey everybody that does business with Property Brokers using the Net Promoter Score methodology (NPS). Our current customer satisfaction score is 82 which is huge, especially compared to the industry average of 16.*

*12 months to March. The scale goes from -100 to 100.

Putting in the mahi

To be great, you have to put in the hard yards. After graduating from our intensive training academy, each Property Brokers agent receives approximately 100 hours of additional training and development per year.

More eyeballs

As soon as you list with us your property is listed on the following leading real estate websites:

pb.co.nz, agentsite.pb.co.nz, realestate.co.nz, oneroof.co.nz, trademe.co.nz, nzrealtors.co.nz, leadingre.com, hougarden.co.nz

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