Complaints Procedure

Professional Conduct and Client Care

In the event that our level of client care and professional conduct does not meet your expectations, we will listen. In accordance with the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, Professional Conduct and Client Care Rules, we would like you to follow this process when raising a complaint.

In accordance with Section 14 of the Real Estate Agents Act 2008, the Real Estate Authority has set down under Rule 12 of the Code of Professional Conduct & Client Care Rules 2012 that all agencies must have a written in-house procedure for dealing with complaints and disputes and that clients and customers are aware of these procedures.

We welcome your feedback and will endeavour to fix any issue that you are not satisfied with. In the event that the service provided by a Salesperson Licensee does not meet the expectation of the prospective client, client or customer, those concerns should be addressed in the first instance to the Branch/Area Manager concerned.

If a satisfactory outcome is not achieved, the matter may be referred in writing to the Regional Manager/Agent Licensee, who will register the issue as a formal complaint and action it in accordance with the in-house procedures as set out below.

Prospective clients, clients or customers should be aware that they may access the Real Estate Authority complaints process without first using the in-house procedures; and that any use of the in-house procedures does not preclude their making a complaint to the Authority.

This process does not preclude the matter from being referred to the Real Estate Authority.

The Authority can be contacted at:

The Real Estate Authority C/- PO Box 25371, Wellington 6146, New Zealand,

The Real Estate Authority can be contacted at their mailing address:

The Real Estate Authority

c/- PO Box 25371

Wellington 6146

New Zealand

Through their website: or via their online contact form

  1. Contact Area/Branch Manager by contacting your local Property Brokers branch.
  2. The Area/Branch Manager will respond within 24 hours of receiving your complaint.
  3. We will ascertain from you the facts and events leading to your dissatisfaction and also seek feedback from the staff member involved.
  4. Should you wish to, you can at any stage take your complaint directly to the Real Estate Authority.
  5. The Area/Branch Manager will advise you of the proposed action to remedy/resolve. Once we have the agreement, we will proceed with the agreed solution.

If you are not happy dealing with our Area/Branch Manager or still regard the matter as unresolved, please contact us here, will be happy to investigate.

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