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We’ll save you time and money, so you can make the most of yours.

We guarantee that once you entrust your rental property to Property Brokers we will give you peace of mind and optimal returns with our unique service guarantees.

1. Guaranteed tenants, or we’ll pay

We know the best ways to market your property and how to attract the best tenants. We are confident that our detailed and discerningselection process, qualified people and extensive networks will get you the best tenants for your property, quickly.If we have not found a tenant for your property within twenty-eight days of the property being available, we will ensure that you continue to receive the full rental income.*

2. Guaranteed rent, or we’ll pay

We are invested in the success of your tenancy, and are so confident in our tenant selection that, if a tenant we select fails to pay the rent, we will. We do not place a limit on the value of this guarantee; this shows the level of faith we have in our team and procedures.With more than 35 years’ experience managing rental properties, we know how to collect your rent. We have systems and procedures in place that other agents aspire to.*

3. Great service, or we’ll pay

Our experienced Property Managers follow up on the smaller details that reduce wear and tear on properties. Our highly proactive approach to Property Management sees us looking not only to identify but also resolve issues, so these don’t spiral out of control. We pride ourselves on exceptional service. If you are ever unhappy, and we are unable to resolve the problem, we’ll pay your management fee for the month.*

*Terms and conditions apply. Visit for full terms and conditions.

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