Investing in New Zealand

Thinking about purchasing land in New Zealand, but not sure about the procedures to follow?

More people are moving and investing in the provinces. And, they’re looking to us as the experts on the ground. Our people live, work and play in the communities they call home and have a wealth of local knowledge to share with you. Their deep relationships and insights mean that they are able to provide detail that's hard to beat.

Who can purchase property in New Zealand?

Some types of property can't be purchased by non-citizens or permanent residents without government permission. It's important that you inform your real estate agency of your status. The Overseas Investment Office (OIO) administers the New Zealand Government's foreign investment policies. They assess applications for consent from foreigners who intend to make substantial investments in New Zealand. 

Who can buy new or existing property in New Zealand without restrictions?

  • New Zealand citizens
  • New Zealand permanent residents
  • Australian citizens
  • Singaporean citizens

All other nationalities are subject to restrictions on buying 'residential' or 'lifestyle' property and may require consent from the Overseas Investment Office. 

Some useful OIO guides around the restrictions:

Do you have an IRD number?

Prior to settlement and possession, you will need to provide a New Zealand IRD number. This applies to the sale/purchase of all land/property in New Zealand. 

  • Your lawyer will need your New Zealand IRD number
  • You will need to complete and sign a Tax Statement prior to settlement and possession.

Don't have a New Zealand IRD number? For a New Zealand IRD number, you'll need to open a New Zealand bank account first.

Offshore parties also need to provide their tax number/details from their country of origin.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) legislation compliance

As of January 1st, 2019, any person/s selling a property is required to provide proof of their identity under the New Zealand Government's Anti-Money Laundering laws. In some cases, buyers may also be asked to identify themselves in a way that satisfies AML requirements.

How do I find out more about the property market and house prices?

For an in-depth look at the housing market and the latest information on house prices, check out our market statistics section

How do I find out more about rental prices?

For the latest information on rental prices across provincial New Zealand, talk to our award-winning Property Management team.

Why choose Property Brokers?

  • Local knowledge all over New Zealand: We specialise in provincial real estate - heartland New Zealand has been the place we call home since 1986. Our salespeople are supported by a large team of specialists. Our heartland connection means we have the insights to bring the right people together, ensuring that clients get the most value.
  • More than 88 locations throughout New Zealand: We are a family business and are enormously proud of the fact that we're not franchised. Our team of over 850 strong has access to every listing in our system and can help you buy property in provincial New Zealand.
  • We are the market leaders in most of the places we operate: We're proud to have helped many people purchase their slice of provincial paradise. 
  • Local expertise: We belong to the NZ Realtors Network comprising of New Zealand's leading independent real estate companies, making us the largest and strongest network in New Zealand with over 195 offices and 2600 salespeople. Our long-term strategic partnership with Farmlands Co-operative means our customers have exclusive access to market properties through the Farmlands channels to over 70,000+ Farmlanders.
  • International reach: We are a member of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, an invitation-only membership and prestigious global community of the most reputable and market-leading independent firms. We have been awarded membership due to our track record of delivering outstanding service. We bring you the broadest range of buyers.

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