Our true team promise

No working in isolation, no guarding listings. That's a promise.

It’s no secret that the real estate industry is known for agents working in isolation and jealously guarding their listings. That’s not great for you and that's why every member of the Property Brokers team has signed a binding agreement to work together to sell your property. No working in isolation, no guarding listings. So while you’ll still have a lead agent, you are guaranteed to have a true team of equally committed agents, marketing experts and support staff, from right across the country, working for you to get you and your property the best result.

1. Every member of our team has signed a written agreement committing him or her to work and co-operate fully with each other, and to work collaboratively in the best interests of our clients.

2. No withholding listings or buyer details, all information to shared to increase the chances of a great result. 

3. Professional support, clear communication and the sharing of local knowledge allow us, as a true team, to get the best possible outcome for our clients.

We are unique. Our True Team Promise is our commitment to you that everyone in our team will be working to sell your property. Here's what that means for you:

  1. All our salespeople work for you - when you enlist a PB sales consultant, you engage the whole local and national team. All of our sales consultants are free to introduce their buyers to your property, creating competition at a scale that is simply not possible with most of our competitors.
  2. Motivated to find the best buyer - we get it; other real estate offices also have local teams, but are they working together to sell your property? Our commission is split 60% to the listings agent and 40% to the selling agent. All our agents are highly motivated to find the best buyer and work with them to ensure they have the best chance of buying the property. Other agencies sometimes don't let other agents introduce buyers or give 90% to the listing agent. So you are in effect only enlisting the help of one person to sell your property! and that's the worst thing you could do: more salespeople, larger networks, more competition, higher sale prices.
  3. We're not franchised - Although franchise brands say they work together, they are, in fact, privately owned businesses that work in isolation. The only thing that's really shared is the logo. It's quite common that a franchise brand will directly compete with the same brand in the neighbouring town. We work together across the country as no one else can. You won't see our sales consultants jealously guarding listings or buyers - we're too busy working together to get you the best result. It also means our sales consultants, from North to South, have the same high level of training and access to market-leading marketing and IT resources.
  4. Strong across all divisions - We're one of the few companies that are strong across Residential, Lifestyle, Rural, Commercial and Property Management. Our buyer networks are much larger, and we can put together deals that our competitors wouldn't know about. The commercial investor who is looking to divest into residential, the retired farmer that is looking to invest, the tenant that is looking to buy their first house - we know them all.
  5. Support staff - In addition to our sales networks, each of our sales consultants are backed by a vast support network spanning administration, management, training, marketing and IT. With the collective grunt of our sales team, state of the art marketing, technology and systems, we can provide a service offering that we believe is unrivalled across New Zealand.

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