Welcome to Property Brokers Hokitika

Our Hokitika Real Estate team are here to provide you with friendly and efficient property services.  Whether you are looking to buy, sell, rent or have us manage your property, we’re here for you!


Property Brokers are enthusiastic about Hokitika and we have a vast knowledge of houses for sale and rent in the area.  Our sales team are well equipped to help you with all aspects of buying or selling a property, residential, rural or commercial.  So whether you’re a first home buyer, investor, or you’re just in the market for a new home, drop in and have a chat to our sales team and let us find the right property for you.


With plenty of houses to rent in Hokitika we also have an excellent property rental team.  Our rental division work hard to manage properties and match the right residential and commercial properties with the right tenants.  Come and visit the rental division and let us manage your property or find you a house to rent in Hokitika.


Moving to Hokitika?

Sandwiched between surf and the river and in the shadow of the Southern Alps, Hokitika is rich in greenstone, gold and warm and friendly people who live life to the fullest in this great kiwi town.

Although it rains a lot, when it clears up its game on for Hokitika, the locals get to the beach and can enjoy the view of the mountains and the glaciers.

Hokitika is a big part of our Property Brokers Country and were proud to be here and serve the town from our office in Weld Street, please call in anytime.