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Moving to Ashburton?

The idea to put irrigation into Mid Canterbury was the beginning of a transition where residents saw Ashburton evolve from a sleepy highway town to the heart of a thriving rural economy. Tucked under the Southern Alps, life in Ashburton includes all the trimmings of the kiwi outdoor lifestyle. Ashburton residents enjoy Mount Hutt and Lake Hood year-round. The Ashburton life is safe, good looking and rurally focused. Many attractive subdivisions have popped up showing the money and drive that is being focused there.


The real estate company Hastings McLeod Limited have been part of Ashburton for 40 years and are proud to be flying the Property Brokers flag since 2010. Although a different name, the branch is still the same leading realtors serving Ashburton in the residential, lifestyle, rural and commercial markets. The team would love to hear from you – feel free to drop in anytime!