Request information files for Rolleston (Ref:ROU95357)

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By accepting the information contained in the Property Brokers Information Files, I acknowledge I have read, understood and accepted the terms on which the information is made available:

  1. It is acknowledged that any LIM report/builders reports/title search information or other property information documents that have been supplied by Property Brokers have been provided to interested potential buyers for general information purposes only, and may not have been sourced directly from providers by Property Brokers.
  2. Neither Property Brokers nor their client (vendor) warrant the accuracy, completeness or currency of this documentation and nor do they accept liability for any errors or omissions in these documents.
  3. All interested potential purchases should conduct their own due diligence, and obtain and rely on their own documents and legal/specialist advice as required from a person/company of their choosing.
  4. Any purchase decisions are made entirely on reference of potential purchasers own judgement and they have satisfied themselves on all aspects of the property independently. Such decisions have not been made upon reference of the documents received in the Information Files supplied by Property Brokers.
  5. By requesting the Information Files, you give consent for the real estate agent to communicate with you.
Available Information Files:
  1. Council Records
  2. Record of Title
  3. Auction Terms and Conditions
  4. LIM Report
  5. Rental Appraisal
  6. 20 Professional Contacts List.pdf
  7. 19 Buyers Journey Guide.pdf
  8. 18 Pre-Auction Offer Process and Form.pdf
  9. 17 Side Agreement for Auction.pdf
  10. 16 Auction Bidding Registration Form.pdf
  11. 14 A Buyers Guide to Auctions.pdf
  12. 11 State Insurance Information.pdf
  13. 10 Comparative Sales 190921.pdf
  14. 09 Masterbuild Guarantee Certificate.pdf
  15. 08 Developers Approval Letter Lot 679 Falcons Landing.pdf
  16. 07 Drainage Plan.pdf
  17. 06 Site Plan.pdf
  18. 05 Floor Plan with Measurements.pdf
  19. 01 Brochure.pdf
  20. 03 Land Covenant - 8 Flock Street.pdf
  21. 00 Cover note.pdf