Beyond the property boundary


Research beyond the property boundary to find out more about the neighborhood and surrounding areas. Add these ideas to your property hunt checklist!


Try meet your potential neighbours to find out who they are and what they would be like to live next to. A quick chat with them may also provide you with insightful information on the area. Checking whether the neighbouring properties are well-kept is no harder than a simple glance at the property, but it will tell you a lot about the street and the lifestyle of those living there.


Property listings generally note how many cars can fit in the garage, however it’s important to know if there is any additional space on the driveway or road. At the open home, take note of whether the property has a medium to long driveway, alternate parking outside, under carports and on the property, this is a bonus!

Parks and Playgrounds 

It’s always nice to have a park close by for children to explore or to walk your dog. Consider checking where your closest park and walkways are located, and the condition they’re in – they may add some real value to your lifestyle. Your council website should provide you with all the details you need to know, or a simple drive around the area may say it all. It’s also good to check how accessible these facilities are, especially for your children. Would they need to walk across busy roads to make it to the closest playground or park? Or is the area child-friendly?


If you have children, consider what schools are close by and what schools the property is zoned for. Does your family require a primary, intermediate or secondary school, or a mixture of these? Do you need a school close enough for children to walk or bike to, or is there a school bus which stops in the area? Close schools are likely to be convenient for you and good schools can add value to a property. Find out what schools the property is zoned for by visiting

Bus Stops

Buses are convenient for school children and adults alike. Check if there are any close bus stops and how much the service will cost you. Local bus timetables and routes can be found online. 

Local shops

Be sure to pop down to the local shops and see what is on offer - from a dairy to chemist, post office or takeaway shop, it's great to see what will be at your fingertips. It’s important to consider how close the shops are to the property and what is available. 

Local Pools

A dip in the pool might be just what the family needs on a hot summer’s day. Find out where the closest community swimming pool is, whether it’s indoors or outdoors, and what the pricing is like. A simple Google search or look on your local council website should provide you with all the information you need.

Planned Developments

Planned developments have the potential to alter the property, and the lifestyle associated with it. For example, if a road is going to be modified to better suit heavy vehicles, you can expect to see and hear more trucks driving in the area. The local council should be able to tell you whether there are any planned developments, such as subdivisions and roads which might affect the property or wider area.

Natural Hazards

It's always best to be prepared for mother nature, therefore it is important to consider what natural hazards have the potential to effect the property. Geographically, coastal properties are more at risk of tsunamis, low-ground properties are prone to flooding, and overall New Zealand experiences a lot of earthquakes. Be sure to check what hazards have the potential to affect the property, even if it is a far fetched concept. 



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