Seven solid home staging tips that you can do yourself


Curb appeal improvements help to sell a home, but interiors 'seal the deal'

You've put your house on the market, now what? Preparation and presentation are crucial to selling faster and for a better price. 

Home staging is a great way to get potential buyers to envisage themselves living in your home. And, it doesn't have to be an expensive, time-consuming process, especially if your house is already in good shape! 

 Here are seven solid DIY Home Staging tips: 

  1. Go ahead and add mirrors to your space - More than merely adding style to your area, the reflective quality will give the illusion of opening up a room. It will make your space brighter and seem more substantial. A mirror is a sure win at making your room feel more curated and designed.
  2. Replace your window treatments - Do you have old, heavy curtains? Replace them with something light and modern. By replacing the heavy drapes with simple, streamlined window coverings, the room will appear to be larger and more spacious. When deciding on curtains for an area, remember to go for floor-length. When hanging your curtains, try to hang them as close to the ceiling as possible to give the illusion of more space.
  3. Choose monochromatic hues to stage your bathroom - A bathroom is an area which can look cluttered very quickly. An easy tip to 'open the space up' is to use white towels in your bathrooms; they won't add heaviness to your space and will make it feel fresh and clean.
  4. Does your rug fit your room and suit your furniture? When deciding on a rug for a living room, make sure that your couch or chairs' front legs are touching the rug - this will create an illusion of 'tying' your room's elements together. A rug in a complementary style will make the area look larger and feel more "pulled together."
  5. De-Personalise your home - This could be the most challenging step in staging your home. You spent so much time making your space your own, and now we're telling you to strip it all away! It's essential to keep in mind that tastes differ. Remove those personal photographs, and pack your ornaments away - remember that you're showcasing a home that the potential buyer will be able to envision their lives in.
  6. Do you have bookshelves? Reorganise them and give them some style! Start by removing 25% of the books on your shelves, then rearrange what's left. Place some books vertically, and stack some horizontally. Add a few trinkets within the bookcase as accents and bookends - this will add personality and character to the room as well as lightening up your bookshelves.
  7. Deep clean and looking pristine - Clean every room in your house, remembering to keep scented items to a minimum. Potential buyers want to see your property showcased at its very best.



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