Marketing your property for sale

For more information about marketing your home for sale, download a copy of our Guide To Preparing Your Home for Sale booklet.


Property Brokers have an expert sales team to help you achieve the best results. Here's some open home and sales advice.


Targeting buyers

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You first need to put yourself in the shoes of the home buyer. When the decision is made to buy, most make a commitment to looking at all that's on offer.

By presenting your home to the highest standard you can achieve together with talking with your salesperson about where your property sits in the marketplace and they can help you showcase your property's unique features and benefits.

Buyers value good investments in our houses such as appliances and devices that simplify our lives, insulation and heating that make for a more comfortable existence and thoughtful zones within homes to allow for rooms to be used for many different purposes to accommodate the changing needs of families. 

Key items today's buyers are seeking:

  • Finished Homes
  • Good Outdoor Living
  • Multiple Living Rooms
  • Multiple Bathrooms
  • Home Office
  • Storage
  • Bedrooms
  • Garaging & Parking
  • Preparation and Positioning

Your sales person will ensure the sale of your home becomes a team excercise, but in order to maximise the sales price, you will need to let go emotionally. It is important to take an objective approach towards your property and adopt a can-do attitude to correcting your property's weaknesses and promoting its best attributes.


Receiving a great price and speedy sale is much more likely to come from planning and preparation, rather than luck. 

Product, price, promotion

Your house is the product, so you need to price appropriately to target the right buyers who could be convinced to make the descision to purchase your property would. 


When discussing the promotion of your home with your sales person, focus on key audiences for your property but remember appealing to a wider group offers more opportunities for sale.


Professional photography ensures that photos are taken in correct lighting and from flattering angles. Getting professional photos enhances viewing of your property in print and online media, which is another marketing avenue to attract buyers. 


Be confident with your choice of salesperson, and the investment you are making in this process and you should be rewarded with a successful sale. 

Smart styling and presentation basics

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To get started begin a checklist of the areas you believe need work. Begin at the street front an be critical of any flaws. Potential buyers will be forming opinions the minute they drive up the road! Gut instincts will often be a major contributor in the sale of your home, and a house will tend to click or not click with a buyer very quickly.


Grooming basics

  • Maintenance
  • De-cluttering
  • Cleaning
  • Garden maintenance
  • Building pre-Inspection reports

Living spaces

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Lounges and family rooms

Cleanliness and de-cluttering allows buyers to have a clear view of the potential for their own furniture and possessions. As a general rule, the less you have in a room the bigger it looks. 

Outdoor living

Whatever the size or nature of the property, there is an expectation of outdoor living. We have been conditioned that indoor, outdoor flow is a desireable way of living and we all want to imagine ourselves relaxing with a drink, sharing a meal with friends or beginning the day with a peaceful coffee, in this space. 

As with inside the house, take the time to de-clutter and arrange pots and containers in groups to provide optimum impact. Repair any uneven surfaces, loose deck balustrades, steps and consider water blasting and treating any decks.

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Kitchens, bathrooms & utility rooms

Kitchens are usually a key selling point in most properties as they are the heart of the home. Food preparation and eating has been upgraded from a chore and necessity into a pleasure and enjoyable social pastime. 

Buyers will come in and admire your ample bench space and they will also closely scrutinise every cupboard and drawer space, keen to establish how much room there really is. This means getting rid of surplus pieces we use on a less frequent basis to ensure the illusion of space. As with the bathroom, cleanliness is at the forefront so get those cleaners and scourers out and put them to good use, floors included. 

Bathrooms after kitchens are targeted by buyers as they are the most expensive rooms to renovate. Maintain and repair all visible damage and ensure fans, taps, and switches are in good working order. The appeal of this room is about pampering, as well as function, so add some glamour by refreshing with new towels and rid any clutter into smart lidded baskets.

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One of the most important rooms in the house is the master bedroom. Today we regard it as a retreat, and we often model them on luxury hotels.

Clear the room of furnishings surplus to average requirements and take this opportunity to rid yourselves of clothes and belongings that are not required. Dress your beds with clean and fresh linen. Duvet covers and quilts are an inexpensive way to instantly update bedrooms.



Garages, carports and sheds

Often overlooked by the seller when introducing your home to the market, is the garaging. Buyers will appreciate a well swept and organised garage, in fact it can add a considerable amount to the price to the value of your home.


Empty homes

For most it is difficult to imagine living in a blank canvas and potential buyers can find it hard to imagine the scale of furniture that will fit in rooms, its optimum layout and how they will function in the home. These houses will often expose weaknesses to buyers that are perhaps over-exaggerated.

Often all that is needed is a token to represent to buyers the potential this property has to offer. Rather than spreading out a few scraps of furnishings it is our advice to decorate a few key rooms well.


Open homes

Choose an optimal time of the day to show off your home.

Consideration needs to be made in respect to:

  • Sun and light
  • Odours and smell
  • Traffic noise
  • Time





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