Some things are a little stressful

Managing your rental property shouldn't be one of them.

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With Property Brokers as your partner, property management is a breeze!


Throughout the years, we've been on a mission to make property management as stress-free as possible. 

We work tirelessly to ensure our landlords enjoy smooth sailing and that Property Brokers' tenants and their families feel right at home.

Say hello to hassle-free property management!

Our Service Guarantees mean you'll never need to stress about unpaid rent, an untenanted property, or bad service.

Guaranteed rent, or we’ll pay

We are invested in the success of your tenancy, and are so confident in our tenant selection that, if a tenant we select fails to pay the rent, we will. We do not place a limit on the value of this guarantee; this shows the level of faith we have in our team and procedures. With more than 35 years’ experience managing rental properties, we know how to collect your rent. We have systems and procedures in place that other agents aspire to.*  

Guaranteed tenants, or we’ll pay

We know the best ways to market your property and how to attract the best tenants. We are confident that our detailed and discerning selection process, qualified people and extensive networks will get you the best tenants for your property, quickly. If we have not found a tenant for your property within twenty-eight days of the property being available, we will ensure that you continue to receive the full rental income.*

Guaranteed great service, or we’ll pay

Our experienced Property Managers follow up on the smaller details that reduce wear and tear on properties. Our highly proactive approach to Property Management sees us looking not only to identify but also resolve issues, so these don’t spiral out of control.

We pride ourselves on exceptional service. If you are ever unhappy, and we are unable to resolve the problem, we’ll pay your management fee for the month.*

Why Choose Us

Staff & Support

Local, qualified & experienced staff, backed by a large support team


Qualified, reliable tradespeople look after your property

Audited Trust Account

Your money is 100% safe

Marketing and Tenant Selection

Only the best tenants are selected

Industry Leading Systems

24/7 access to live information

Service Guarantees

Ensure your investment viability

Tiered Service Packages

You decide your level of service

Your Property

Well cared for with happy tenants, who in turn look after your property.

We know that as a landlord, it can sometimes feel like you're walking a tightrope!

It's all about balance. The good news is, you don't have to go it alone. Our experienced Property Management team have the skills and expertise to keep you steady.

Think of our service guarantee as the safety net beneath you. Say goodbye to rent arrears, lease uncertainty, and lacklustre service. We're not just talking the talk; we're walking that tightrope with you. And if we ever slip, we're not just dipping a toe into the water – we're diving in headfirst, ready to make it right!

We're here to ensure that your investment is maximised while reducing your risk.  


"Property Brokers has been associated with our rentals for the last 4 years. We’ve always been impressed with their attitude & friendliness. Care for our properties is constant & communication is excellent. We are kept well informed & know things are dealt with promptly. The no nonsense approach & detailed inspection reports ensure things are kept on top of."

Rachel & Wilfred Van Beek

"I trust Property Brokers to manage 23 of my properties, so I have significant opportunity to see the quality of their service & it is excellent. 

I have dealt with many property management firms throughout New Zealand & Australia. I have found Property Brokers to be consistently the best I have dealt with anywhere."

Tim Barrett

"Our trust has used Property Brokers for over 15 years. This is testament to the quality of their service. They are excellent at communicating, we're kept fully informed of any tenant issues, property maintenance issues & vacancies. Their systems are reliable, their property inspection reports are detailed & the rental payments are always on time."

Phil & Sue Christmas 

Let us handle the hassle while you enjoy the harmony. To request a free, no-obligation rental appraisal, or for more information

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