Trailblazing Safety Advocate

Wednesday, 15 November 2023

Harriet Bremner Pinckney has been recognised as the 2023 Zanda McDonald Award winner.

This prestigious award acknowledges young talent in Australia and New Zealand who aspire to make a meaningful difference in agriculture, contributing to the industry’s improvement on both sides of the Tasman Sea. The Award crowns one winner in NZ and one in Australia each year.

A woman on a mission

With farming roots tracing back to Banks Peninsula, Harriet’s agricultural journey has taken her from North Canterbury to the Hakataramea Valley in South Canterbury. Today, she and her husband, Ed Pinckney, manage Jericho Station, a sprawling 1400ha sheep, beef, and grazing property in Manapouri. Her impact transcends the fields and pastures. She’s a fervent advocate for health, safety, and wellbeing in agriculture, particularly emphasising children’s safety on farms. Her commitment has led her to author children’s books, including her latest release, “Wool’s the Word.” These books engage young readers, offering insights into agriculture while imparting crucial messages about safety and the value of natural, sustainable resources like wool.

Changing the conversation

Harriet embarked on her journey to foster safer farming environments after realising that the rural sector often downplays health and safety concerns. She firmly believes that safety goes beyond paperwork; it hinges on conversations, shared stories, and informed decisions that can save lives. She actively engages with children and adults at schools, field days, and workshops to address this issue, challenging the misconception that farm accidents only happen to others and emphasising the critical importance of making safe choices daily. One wrong decision can lead to irreversible consequences.

Wool’s the Word

Her latest book, “Wool’s the Word,” exemplifies her multifaceted advocacy. It celebrates wool as a natural and sustainable fibre while dispelling shearing myths. Set on Jericho Station, the story captures the essence of shearing and introduces readers to the enchanting world of wool. Harriet hopes this book, distributed to schools nationwide, will spark interest and awareness about this vital industry. Beyond her literary pursuits, Harriet champions safety and wellbeing through the Think Safe Brain campaign, aimed at making farms safer for everyone. She educates children and young adults on making sensible decisions, managing mental health pressures, and responding to farm-related incidents.

<i>Step into the world of Jericho Station on shearing day, where Pops &amp; friends spin a woolen tale that's both educational &amp; fun, inviting you to discover the wonders of wool &amp; the true essence of a fleece – because, forget the rest, wool is best!</i>

A remarkable journey continues

Harriet’s resilience and determination have propelled her to the forefront of the movement for a safer, healthier, and more informed rural sector. She firmly believes that transforming the culture begins with changing behaviour and recognising the immeasurable value of those who work on farms. In Harriet’s words, “People should always come first - so treat farm machinery with the same respect as a loaded firearm.” This profound message resonates with all who cherish our rural way of life.

To find out more about Harriet’s Gurt and Pops books, click here.

Property Brokers, a proud partner of the Zanda McDonald Award, recognises the award’s significant impact on the career development of future rural leaders on both sides of the Tasman. Their support reflects a commitment to bolstering New Zealand agriculture and nurturing passionate individuals like Harriet Bremner Pinckney.

From left: Conrad Wilkshire, Property Brokers Rural GM, 2023 Zanda McDonald Award winners, Harriet Bremner Pinckney, New Zealand, Mitch Highett, Australia, Jared Brock, Property Brokers Rural Sales Consultant, at the Zanda McDonald Award Celebration in Brisbane, Australia, March 2023.



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