Commercial Property Management

Property Management  

Commercial Property is a business unto itself and utilising a professional manager acknowledges the demands of that business.  Our clients are our business and long term tangible rewards are what we strive to bring to the relationship.

Our goal at Property Brokers is to add value to your property investment portfolio.  Using experience, industry proven best practice and common sense our Property Manager can take the stress out of tenanting and maintaining your commercial property.  Property Brokers Compliance provide a complimentary service to cater to all of your commercial property compliance requirements including building WOF's and fire and safety schedules. 

Property Brokers' aim is to retain your quality tenants by providing a comprehensive Commercial Property Management service that will protect and grow your assets.

What you can expect from us:


Building Service and Maintenance

Property Brokers Compliance in conjunction with your Property Manager can ensure that your obligations as a commercial property owner are adhered to eg: Building Warrant of Fitness. We can also arrange for servicing and maintenance of your property if and when required.

Property Brokers will ensure that relationships with contractors and tradesmen are established in the most cost effective way. Keeping a property maintained means preserving the value of your asset, we take that really seriously. 


Power and Cleaning

Efficiencies of scale should be considered with the supply of power and the engagement of building cleaning services. Property Brokers' can negotiate the services on your behalf, reducing costs, passing the benefits onto your tenants and therefore lowering their outgoings. 


Tenants' Costs

Although the building outgoings are normally paid for by the tenant, it is imperative that the cost per square metre is kept as low as possible without detracting from the appearance and quality of the building. 

Property Brokers' aim is to acheive a level of property management that will minimise building operating costs and outgoings enabling rent increases at review dates and lease renewals when existing leases expire. 


Commercial Leasing

The Commercial Leasing section of Property Brokers' will tend to your properties leases and will negotiate with your tenants well before their leases are due to expire to ensure constant tenancy within your building. 

Both the Property Management and Commercial Leasing sections of Property Brokers, are administered by the Company Commercial Manager. They work in a team environment and share the same information database, which should create benefits to you, the property owner.


Property Inspections

Our Property Manager will visit your building regularly to talk to your tenants’ representative, to ensure that the property is being adequately managed and maintained to the required standard.



Property Brokers computerised accounting system is sophisticated and will provide us with an immediate alert to rental arrears, and can supply you with monthly reports regarding all payments received and disbursed. 

Our professional Property Managers are committed to excellence and adding value to your investment.


“The better the property management…the better the return on your investment”.