Take the stress out of moving


While time ticks away, the thought of moving house may begin to daunt you; jobs will pile up as quick as dirty laundry. You may be left wondering, where do I start? What should I do to prepare? What should I expect?

From the rush of finding boxes, to figuring out what box belongs where, take some time to plan ahead with these frequently asked questions.

How can I prevent a last-minute rush?

Early preparation is key to ensuring you prevent any last-minute stress. While it may be straightforward to pack belongings into boxes, consider gathering the boxes nice and early, along with booking a moving truck, getting a supply of packing tape, sourcing some marker pens. If you’re going to use a moving company, oragnise this well in advance and clearly label boxes containing breakables as ‘Fragile’. If you have small children, consider organising a babysitter ahead of time, for moving day. It’s also important to make suitable arrangements for your pets. Clean the stove and defrost the fridge/freezer before the big day, it will save a lot of time and stress.  

How can I protect my belongings?

Check your insurance policies. Your contents insurance, home insurance and moving service insurance are important to consider. Be sure to contact insurance companies with moving details and date(s) in advance, so they can arrange the best cover for your belongings.

How do I declutter?

Moving house is the perfect time to declutter! There are three places for excess clutter: the rubbish/recycling bin, the nearest charity shop, or friends and family. Local charity shops like the Salvation Army and Hospice are always grateful for clothing and furniture donations; consider donating anything which hasn’t been used for a year or more and is in good condition. Ensure you declutter well in advance to make things easier at the other end, when you find yourself shoulder deep in boxes to unpack. Taking up less space in the moving truck/trailer can even save money and time.

What are some small tips to stay organised? (Ones which you’ll thank us for later)

  • Label your boxes according to which room they belong in so you can drop them straight in that room.
  • Have food available for snacks and easy meals.
  • Have cleaning equipment handy for any last-minute clean-up jobs.
  • Keep bedding and personal amenities including a toothbrush, towel and soap close by. Consider transporting this box in your personal car, so it doesn’t get lost in the move. Being able to shower and crawl into bed after an exhausting day will be warmly welcomed.

Do I need to do any prep work before moving into my new home?

Any major renovations or prep work is best done before moving furniture and boxes in. If you’re wanting to deep clean, resurface floors, paint or install new fixtures, you’ll find it easier with no furniture in the way.

Do I need to organise anything before I move?

Simply put, yes! There are companies that will do this for you, like MoovMe. If you’re planning on doing it yourself remember to cancel or transfer your:

  • Newspaper
  • Telephone, internet and cable TV
  • Gas, water and electricity
  • Power

 Update your address, including at:

  • Banks
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Insurance company
  • Clubs and organisations
  • Doctors & dentist
  • Your drivers licence
  • Tax department

How can I stay sane?

Look after yourself! At the absolute minimum, make sure you try get some good quality sleep. Caffeine doesn’t work the same as a good night’s sleep, and having nourishing food and water handy is important. If your mind is running in overtime, try making a to-do list to keep track of everything.



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