Is there a ‘best time’ when selling a house in New Zealand?


Myth or fact: is there actually a best time when selling a house? Yes — and no. There are actually a few key considerations to make when it comes to choosing the right (and most favourable) time to put your property on the market, so make sure you think about the following.

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Are you ready?

Why do you want to sell the house, and what are your future plans? If it sells quickly, will you be left in a stressful situation without somewhere to live? Do you want to buy in the same area, or move somewhere else?  

Working out all of those really important things first will make you more open to the idea of putting your house on the market and going through the selling process—because if there is always something nagging at the back of your mind, then it will make you less likely to see your house sale as a positive move.

And of course you also need to be realistic about having the time and energy that goes along with having a property on the market. Sure, a good agent will do a lot of the work, but you still need to be able to keep the house looking good for inspections and open homes, as well as consider offers when they come in.

If life is a bit hectic at the moment, think about if you will have the patience and head space to live in a transitional state for a short period.

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Is the house ready?

So you’ve asked the hard questions of yourself, and have decided that yes, you personally are ready to put up the for sale sign out front. But is your house ready?

To work this out, head out to the front gate with a pen and paper, and slowly make your way around the exterior, then head indoors for a walk-through of the home. Note down anything you think could do with a coat of paint, or general clean-up (and it is time to get serious here, you’ll want to get the best possible price for your home and this is the way to do it).

You might have a list a mile long (and if you don’t, perhaps you weren’t honest enough), and now is the time to sit down and have a think about the big stuff, and the easy little jobs. Which ones will you tackle, and which are you prepared to leave as is (understanding there is a risk of potentially devaluing your property if you don’t do any repair or maintenance work). 

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Consider what your potential buyers might be doing

Is it the school holidays? If so, chances are families might be too busy entertaining the kids to be able to look at open homes. On the other hand, if you think your property will appeal to investors, the end of the financial year is probably not the best time to put your house on the market.

Look to your potential buyers to understand where they are and what they may be doing (or be preoccupied with), so you can get them when they are available and ready to make big decisions.

If you're selling a lifestyle property, check out our quick look at the kinds of people who want to buy it—and how to sell to them!

Will there be buyers in town?

If you live in a coastal or rural town that doesn’t see a lot of visitors until the summer months, perhaps it is best to hold off until you’ve got the crowds around to view your property. Or maybe your area is a ghost town during the holidays, and you’re better off waiting until everyone is back home? Whichever is applicable to your property, think about whether it really is the right time to put your house on the market—as a fresh new listing during peak selling months (whenever they are for your region), is ideal.

If you aren’t completely sure of when is the best time to selling a house in your part of New Zealand, feel free to chat to a local agent who can give you some insight into the trends over the past few years.

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When does your house look its best?

If your house faces north, then you’re probably lucky enough to sell at anytime during the year, but if you’re on a south facing site, then perhaps winter won’t be a winner. However, if it snows where you are, a white wonderland could be just the thing to sell your property to an out-of-towner looking for a refreshing retreat, or the colour of autumn on the trees could be when your street looks its best.

Consideration of how your property looks at different times of the year could be a make or break selling point, and may very well answer the question of ‘When is the best time to sell my home?’



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