Five easy tips to warm up your home for winter!


It's nearly time to roll out your winter woolies, and ensure your home is working efficiently for winter.

Your home should be an oasis to relax and recharge in during the chilly months. 

It's no secret a cold home can cause more than just a headache when it comes to the power bill, it can also take its toll on our health and well-being. 

These are just a few places to start.

1. Curtains

While using your curtains is so simple, it's also one of the most effective ways to ensure you trap warm heat in, and keep cold air out - particularly on a sunny day. For optimal warmth, draw your curtains before it gets dark outside. To take it a step further, consider replacing old, worn curtains with thick (double lined), floor length curtains. These act as a seal by preventing cold air seeping downwards and into the home. 

2. Ventilation

Open doors and windows to air your house out regularly. This helps to eliminate domestic pollutants, increase the level of oxygen and reduce any dampness in the home.

Extractor fans are useful for dispersing condensation from bathrooms, kitchens and laundries that can encourage mould growth, but ensure that you don’t vent them into the ceiling cavity—all you are doing is moving the mould problem to a harder-to-reach place!

3. Check your electric blanket

Who wouldn't want too jump into a cosy bed on a cold night? Before you crank up the electric blanket to high, it's important you get it checked! Be sure to look for any signs of wear, kinks, breaks and exposed wires. The best, and most reliable way to get your electric blanket checked is by taking it to a qualified and licensed electrician. It's also best practice to replace your electric blanket every five years. 

4. Sweep your chimney

Using your fireplace leads to a build up of a thick, black, tar-like substance. Birds may also decide to nest in or around your chimney, so it's time to evict them before you light that first piece of newspaper! Removing nests and debris can prevent chimney fires and ensure your fireplace is running efficiently. If you feel like a DIY project, set aside your Saturday afternoon; alternatively you may want to call in the professionals. 

5. Draught stopper

Preparing for winter doesn't always have to be a chore or costly task. Your grandparents certainly had the right idea investing in a funky snake draught stopper. Whether it's home-made, store brought, or a towel pushed under the door to seal the gap, draught stoppers prevent a cold current sneaking in under the door frame. Receiving an electricity bill to heat your home once, is better than receiving an electricity bill to hear your home twice over because of a draught. 



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