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Gemma is an exceptional real estate salesperson with a strong passion for helping people achieve their property goals. Her background in running an online boutique has equipped her with valuable skills that seamlessly integrate into the real estate industry. Her expertise in communication, marketing, attention to detail, and planning enhances her ability to guide clients through their real estate journeys. Gemma's top priority is to provide world-class service, ensuring her clients have a positive experience throughout their property transactions. Her reputation for integrity, empathy, and warm friendly approach speaks to her dedication in building strong client relationships. Gemma's commitment to aiding clients in making tough decisions proactively and stress-free underscores her caring approach to her work. Effective communication, a cornerstone of her strategy, plays a significant role in delivering this level of service. Her unwavering dedication to achieving the best possible price for her clients, showcases her determination and commitment to their success. Gemma's willingness to put in hard work and maintain a never-give-up attitude, even in challenging situations, further demonstrates her tenacity. Gemma's love for nature walks and physical exercise speaks to her holistic approach to well-being. Her involvement in her son's sports activities, such as soccer, ju-jitsu, judo, and motorcross, reflects her commitment to family and supporting her loved ones. Her participation in organizations like the Tatapouri Fishing Club and Cosmopolitan Club showcases her active involvement in her community. Gemma's excitement about sharing in her clients' joy as they achieve better-than-expected results in their real estate transactions highlights her deep commitment to their success.

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They were caring, non judgemental and patient. Explained the process in language I could understand and gave me peace of mind. Thank you all.
Teren Keelan

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