Cleaning Guidelines to assist you in getting your bond back

Property Brokers follows a strict policy when refunding your bond.

To ensure this process runs smoothly, please follow these guidelines. You can also use Moovme to change your address and transfer your power/gas/internet etc - their contact number is 0800 66 869.


  • Empty and clean all cupboards inside and out
  • Clean the oven, hob, and warmer drawer including racks, trays,
  • and roasting dishes
  • Clean the exterior and filter of the extractor fan/rangehood
  • Ensure the dishwasher is empty, filter basket clean, and door wiped down
  • Wipe down the benches, and any marks from walls, doors, skirtings, etc. Sweep and mop hard floors


  • Clean the shower, bath, vanity, and toilet (including the shower waste)
  • Ensure the shower curtain is clean
  • Empty and wipe clean any cupboards and drawers - inside and out
  • Wipe any marks from walls, doors, skirtings, etc.
  • Sweep and mop hard floors (especially around the toilet)


  • Garage, sheds and gardens
  • Empty all rubbish receptacles, including recycling bins
  • Mow the lawns and weed the gardens
  • Empty and sweep clean the garage/carport and any sheds
  • Ensure any compost/green waste and animal droppings are removed

Rest of the house

  • Wipe clean the light fittings/switches - replace any missing/blown bulbs
  • Wipe down skirting boards, window sills
  • Wipe any marks from walls/doors
  • Remove any cobwebs
  • Wipe/dust any blinds, check the curtain backs for cobwebs
  • Clean the interior windows
  • Vacuum/clean the floors throughout
  • Ensure the fireplace/log burner is empty of ashes (ashes disposed of safely) and the door cleaned
  • If you have a heat pump ensure the inside filter has been cleaned
  • Ensure all smoke alarms are in position on the walls/ceilings and if required replace the batteries
  • Check that anything belonging to the property has not been accidentally packed e.g. remotes, plugs for the sinks, the Wifi power cable, and roasting dishes
  • Do a final check-through to ensure all personal property has been removed from drawers/cupboards/ sheds etc.

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