Our story

The Property Brokers story is an amazing one. The Property Brokers real estate company started with 5 people in 1986 and has grown, not by strategically planning every step but by recognising opportunities, by backing our own people and by having fun and enjoying it along the way.


Our geographical growth has been by people wanting to join us, wanting to be part of an energetic, focused and appreciative real estate team. Most of our branches we have been asked to purchase by friends and colleagues who have wished to sell or retire from the real estate business.

Our internal growth has been by establishing and adhering to strong values and by recognising that in provincial New Zealand we have a high profile and doing business with a long term focus is essential to our culture and our future. We have grown, our people have grown, we have more than 60 people who have been with the company over 10 years, our management team are friends and we have strong relationships. Our business is personal.

First office 1986 Property Brokers Caravan  Tim Mordaunt

Property Brokers has been lucky in that we have an amazing team. Not only in our management and sales teams but our IT team, our Marketing people and our back office support team are second to none. The growth in systems, in support and in marketing has helped keep our sales team as market leaders, excited and passionate, enjoying the added value that Property Brokers is able to give them. To be able to provide this in house is a real achievement for the company.  

The challenge now is for Property Brokers to ensure that all the philosophies, the culture, the values and the fun that everyone enjoyed over the first three decades is not lost. The company has a heart and is vibrant and dynamic and that’s the fun that must not be lost. This is a great story of one of the most successful companies in NZ. Long may it continue!

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