Waipukurau Complimentary Property Inspection Report – Terms and Conditions 

  1. Property inspection is limited to one inspection per property and owner  
  2. Property location must be within a 30Km total round trip radius of Waipukurau. 
  3. Property Broker’s Property Managers can travel further but will be subject to a travel charge. 
  4. Owner/s are required to arrange access for Property Brokers' Property Managers to the property 
  5. Owner/s are required to advise current tenants 7 days in advance of the date and time that our Property Managers will be arriving, confirming that our Property Managers will require a minimum of an hour to compile the detailed inspection report. 
  6. Property Brokers’ can supply the tenant notification letter for the owner. 
  7. Property Brokers’ Property Managers will require the property owners’ contact details, including phone number and email address. 


The property inspection report includes: 

  1. A detailed property inspection report complete with photographs and rental appraisal 
  2. A healthy homes evaluation and will provide advice where appropriate 
  3. An assessment will be conducted to identify maintenance improvement needs and priorities. We will advise of maintenance recommendations 
  4. A complimentary, no-obligation rental market appraisal which will help you to have an idea of the current value of your property  


The property inspection report does not include:  

  1. Any other method of contact with the tenant 
  2. On-going inspections 


These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of New Zealand. 


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