Tims view on 2013 and what to expect in 2014


Tim Mordaunt As we look forward to the property market in 2014, it is interesting to anticipate the opportunity it provides for buyers and sellers. Property Brokers has finished the year positively, despite the changes introduced by the Reserve Bank on the 1st October which ramped up the deposits needed by first home buyers. This has dampened this area of the market a little, however baby boomers are assisting their children with deposits, investors are recognising the opportunity and one thing I have learnt after 35 years in this business is you can't stop a market, people die, get divorced, obtain new jobs, and get married - it all affects the property market.

Interest rates remain low, property outside of Auckland and Wellington is stable and affordable. In Property Brokers' Country, towns like Dannevirke, Marton, Pahiatua and Waipukurau offer exceptionally affordable lifestyles and people are shifting from Auckland and Wellington to these areas. Lifestyle is becoming a huge instigator for people sick of the rat race and looking for serenity and freindships.


On the rural side, the market has been stronger. Dairy pay outs at record levels will fuel a property surge - as well as a large number of significant farming entities which are absolutely business focussed and will continue to grow. The sheep and cattle property market has been strangely quiet despite good commodity prices and the market here is firm, without a lot of activity happening. This will pick up in my opinion during 2014.


Commercially the market is recovering from the aftermath of the earthquake. Most buildings now have a classification, decisions have been made to rebuild, to relocate, to demolish or to plan for new upgraded buildings in the future. Confidence is returning to this sector. 


We see 2014 as a continuous upside movement as New Zealand recover's better than most from the Global Financial Crisis. This country is still one where home ownership is available to all, we work hard to help our clients have investments to assist their retirement years and are well placed to manage investments and residential properties, sell businesses, commercial industrial, farms and homes.


This really is Property Brokers Country!