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Doug’s high energy and enthusiasm will Market and Negotiate the best value for your home, through developing relationships with a thorough understanding of needs and motivations for buyers and sellers. Proudly educated and experienced in business and sales, Doug’s guiding philosophy is to realise optimal profits through transparent conversations. Doug mastered Communication and Negotiation fluency within his fitness businesses, coaching beginners into Weight-Lifters, a hobby he now continues just for charity. Doug loves living in Papamoa and you’ll often spot him strolling along the streets, parks and beach with his pack: 7-year Son and two Border Collies. Prompt and Professional = Painlessly Profitable.

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Easy as ABC - Doug found our new home then guided us into in with his team's onsite auction. Not at all stressful.
Fredericko and Ashleigh Gnomer
Doug's advice for staging saved me thousands. His video tours made me more thousands
Peter Hynds
I was referred to Doug and was never disappointed. He promised buyers, then turned up with over 5 local families for our first open home! I suspect all his work was done before we had even met... the buyers did their bidding and the auctioneer negotiated further. Enabling us to move back to Europe on schedule, and fly business class within our profits.
Angela Hartford
My husband and I felt super welcome in Papamoa after Doug helped us move in and introduced us to our new neighbours. I feel guilty loving my new home so much and wanting to stay forever - poor Doug won't get to sell it ever again.
Sam Hickson
The only time Doug was not selling was at our appraisal! He achieved 13% more than his estimated 'top dollar' - beautiful example of under-promising and over-delivering.
Daniel and Becky Thrusten
We chose to sell with Doug because we love his dogs soo much! But in reality we were relieved to witness that he does a lot more than early dog walks! He is very process driven and kept the journey easy for us, it seems very complicated - we're glad we could just go to work and let Doug resolve all. Thanks a million.
Becky and Ian Horsham
Doug was very professional and great support all the way during our sale, including assisting us with our inherent local council issues and ensuring we achieved our targeted sale price.
Murray William Carlyle
Doug was great and very supportive, and I would recommend him to my friends and family. His salesmanship was superb.
Marilyn Carlyle
Awesome throughout, Doug helped me with garden chores before our photoshoot and helped me organise removals.
Hazel Jameson
Doug made me laugh at our first meet: 'I always do what I say I will... yes, I've learned to keep my mouth shut' Funny, but totally true. Doug is reliable, honest and communicates very clearly to my husband and myself.
Sally Trowbridge

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