Location and scale - 186 ha or 125 & 65 ha

Located only minutes from Feilding, this 186-hectare (more or less) unit offers an outstanding balance of flat to medium hill country that could easily be farmed stand-alone or add value to any existing farming business.

The property has approximately 100 hectares of flat to easy rolling contour, 60 hectares of steep to medium hill and the balance being re-grassed cut over pines or established plantings. Of the flat to rolling contour approximately 40% could be easily used to grow and harvest most fodder or cash crops. A historical re-grassing program has resulted in good quality pastures in the main with the cut over area a mix of rye and natives.

Currently the property is used as a dairy run-off and beef finishing (dairy cross) but previous owners have used the farm for lamb finishing, sheep and beef breeding, deer breeding and finishing, cash cropping and supplement production.

The property is well serviced by a partially metaled loop race, with the majority of paddocks (36) feeding into the race system. The fencing, which is in sound condition, is a mix of electric and conventional, with approximately 25 hectares deer fenced. Boundary fencing is conventional 8 wire post and batten, with a small portion of deer fencing.

Improvements include excellent implement and hay shedding, a 4-stand wool shed, 2 sets of cattle yards, sheep yards and deer handling shed. Water for the property is supplied from the Halcombe water scheme (20 units) and gravity fed across the property.

Offered for sale as an entire block (186 ha), or in either existing title (121 or 65 hectares) there is the ability to increase or decrease the scale of the property if so desired.