Fully developed specialist deer farm with excellent infrastructure and housing. Huge potential here with several opportunities available. Strategic options include - specialist stag/velvet production, weaner hind breeding or finishing platform for premium chilled market which would all add value to larger scale operation. Alternatively ideal as a first start deer/cattle farm or downsizing from a larger property. An attractive farm with rolling downs and flats, two woodlots, well fenced, laned and subdivided into 26 paddocks.

A modern three bedroom home built in 2001 is sited for all day sun and views over the farm and surrounding area. Take advantage of strong deer sector returns and forecast future revenue by securing this property and enjoy the development, infrastructure, potential and location.

Soil tests and fertiliser programme demonstrate sound pasture management with paddock rotation including perennial and Italian pasture mixes, Lucerne and fodderbeet.

Downlands water scheme and troughs in all paddocks. Good handing facilities with covered accredited deer yards meeting the latest DINZ standards for velvet production. Excellent cattle yards provide options for dairy support or beef finishing.

Primary and Secondary school buses at the gate, 8km to Pleasant Point, 17kms to Timaru means you are so close to all services, export deer, stock plants, sale yards.

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