A beautiful place to live

Why wouldn't you want to live in the best subdivision in the Manawatu? This subdivision has been painstakingly planted and lovingly developed by our vendors for more than 12 years to enable you to enjoy the fruits of their hard work. The native bush, ponds and park like grounds are nothing short of stunning.Hartwell is a subdivision that has been developed for the community to enjoy, and is enhanced by bush walkways, ponds and reserve land. If living the lifestyle dream, without all the hard work of paddocks and animals, is what you are looking for, then this is your new home. Just a ten-minute drive into the CBD, there is nothing not to love about this subdivision. Believe me! Your lives will be enriched from living in this wonderful environment. The sections in stage one, two and three have been sold and most have been built on now. I doubt that anyone is likely to move for many years to come, so this is your opportunity to join the rest of the residents here. If you would like any details about the subdivision or go for a walk around the sections, please feel free to give me a call.