Property Brokers Whanganui

The Whanganui region has an enviable amount of natural assets and a rich history. The Whanganui River is at the heart of life in the region with its historical and cultural significance still visible today. This scenic region has the country’s oldest national park, three volcanic mountains and two impressive mountain ranges.

The beauty of the Whanganui region is the diversity of the regional economy. Agriculture like most regions is at the centre although manufacturing, processing and tourism diversify the employment opportunities making it a great place for people with many different skills.

There is a community and lifestyle option for all in Whanganui from small towns to a small city and the rural areas that link them. You can easily work in the city and live in the country and the other way around!  

Property Brokers is proud to serve the Whanganui region since 2008 from our branch in Whanganui city.