Refer a new managed property to Jeska King and earn $300!

Know anyone that could use some help managing their rental, or someone with a property that they could turn into one? Introduce them to Jeska King, and earn $300 in cash for every successful referral and $500 for the fourth referral.

Any marketing for vacant properties will include professional photography.

Terms & Conditions

  • Any referral must be signed up as a managed property on either the Property Brokers inclusive or exclusive fee structure.
  • The referred client(s) is required to sign up to the minimum management term, which is 12-months.
  • The referral fee is payable once the property is rented. (If it is already rented, the fee is payable within ten working days)
  • The referral fee is payable by EFT to a nominated account.
  • Each referral is $300 per property. The elevated referral fee of $500 is payable for the next property referred after three referrals from the same sales agent. For example; one to three referral fees equals $300. The fourth referral fee is $500. The fifth to seventh is at $300, and so forth.
  • The referral fee is plus GST.
  • The referral fee is payable for any property referred between the 1st February 2019 to 1st April 2020. If a property is not rented during this period, the referral fee is still payable once a suitable tenant has been secured.
  • All referred properties must meet the Healthy Homes Standards 2019.
  • Any property referred will be directed back to the referring agent if the property is listed for sale.
  • Property Brokers withholds the discretion to turn away any property if it does not meet internal policy and procedure.