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Every home has its people, and Lisa Henson absolutely loves that she gets to work every day to bring the two together … talk about loving your work!


Just over a year ago Lisa decided her four children were all safely set on their own journeys and of a convenient age (husband included) for her to look towards creating her own adventure; real estate was the obvious choice.


"Over the years I would scour the various websites and absorb the Property Press listings looking for either the perfect house for us – or for anybody I knew, whether they were looking or not! Every time I told my husband I had found the perfect house for us he would point out how lucky we were we didn’t buy the last 5 perfect places. Funny how this never seemed to get old…"


For Lisa, the best part of being in real estate is the people and being involved in one of life’s significant moments: the first home, selling of the family home and moving on, maybe helping a family member or realising their dream of beginning an investment portfolio.


"If it matters to you, it’s important to me. I am passionate about people being the priority in all transactions and supporting them through the whole process - after all, we’re talking about potentially the biggest asset investment of your life. If you are looking for a real estate professional to be on your side throughout the sale and purchase process and beyond, it would be my great pleasure to be considered for the role."


“It’s a serious process – but as in all things, a smile and laughter throughout is vital”

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Quiet, warm and private...sounds like home to me

In my vendor's words, "this home welcomes you in and wraps itself around you" and although their hearts are heavy at the thought of leaving this property, they are now giving you the opportunity ...

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