Palmerston North

Lisa Barnes

Lisa has had a long association with Property Brokers starting with the financial department and now I have the privilege of working alongside her as my personal assistant.

Lisa is a very detailed person and covers all the finer details of my business ensuring that you as my client is keep up to date with all the things that you need as my valued client.

Lisa has a great understanding of the financial side of all the transaction but has also skilled herself with the sitting her level four real estate papers enabling her to assist me directly on the sale side of my business.

As a successful business owner Lisa has a great understanding of what it takes to support and nurture clients and customers, real estate is truly a business where LISA’S ABILITIES WILL SHINE.

It is with pleasure that I introduce Lisa to my business.

Office 06 356 5122

Mobile 027 629 9526

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Palmerston North

Palmerston North 4414

Fax 06 356 5036

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