Why do I need a real estate agent?

A real estate sales consultant is an expert in their field the same way your lawyer, accountant and banker are. They work in the industry and understand the market. They are qualified and constantly upgrading their skill set to comply with client needs and REAA guidelines. They have enormous access to information and the experience to be able to aid you in maximising the value of your property.


How do I choose my sales consultant?

Obviously, firstly make sure they have Property Brokers on their card. Our dominant market share across our patch is not only a reflection of our people’s skillset but also evidence of the enormous buyer database you will have access to when you bring your property to market. There are many factors in choosing your agent, but we highly recommend considering two;

  • Their track record. A tangible and proven record of results
  • Trust. Always remember we work for you so you should feel you are getting the service you deserve. We want you to value and apply the advice your consultant gives you, so the more comfortable you feel with them, the more likely you are to do that.


What is an appraisal?

A common practice in real estate and now an industry requirement is for a sales consultant to give you an estimated Current Market Appraisal,(CMA) of what your house is worth. This should use examples of similar properties to yours that have sold recently as well as what is on the market currently. The highest appraisal does not translate to the highest sales price, often quite the opposite. The most informed appraisal will result in the highest sales price as it tends to be delivered from the sales consultant with the greatest understanding of the market.


Which is the best sales method?

There isn’t one. All sales methods have merits and pitfalls. You may have personal feelings around this, and your professional sales consultant will have a recommendation on which method will suit your requirements based on a number of factors. For more information on sales, methods click here.


What determines the price of a property?

There are several factors to take into consideration, but it tends to come down to the price someone is willing to pay at any one time. The best indicator of value is what similar properties have recently sold for and similar properties that are currently on the market.

Mortgage rates, economic stability and how much property is available all contribute to the supply and demand price expectation.


Do I need marketing?

Absolutely! In today’s competitive marketplace standing out from the crowd is essential, and you need the best expertise to maximise your properties value. Property Brokers prides itself on its marketing grunt and the result that we can deliver to our clients. More information here


What if I’ve never bought a house before?

Ask questions. There is a lot of information out there available for first home buyers, but it really can’t replace having someone you trust to ask questions of. Your sales consultant will be only too happy to help walk you through the process. Has a starting point check out our “Guide to buying your first home”.

What is a vendor?

Click here for our glossary of real estate terms translated.


I want to become a real estate agent; what do I need to do?

What is the REAA?

The Real Estate Agents Authority (REAA) is the independent, government regulatory body for the real estate industry in New Zealand. They effectively police those who are licensed to practice in this business under the Act in the capacity of an Agency (Agent) or associated licensee.