Casual Inspection Service


As well as offering our full-service property management packages, we also offer a casual one-off inspection service where any landlord can call on us to inspect their property professionally without the commitment of a contract.


As new regulations and rental compliance come into force, we realise that keeping on top of these changes when managing your own rental property can be tough. Many landlords do not understand what their obligations are, and this can result in you not being covered should the worst happen. Many insurance companies may not pay out on claims if you cannot prove that regular inspections have been undertaken and adequate records kept.


To give you peace of mind and protect yourself and your investment, our casual inspection service includes the following:


  • A professional property inspection
  • A detailed inspection report including photographs
  • Help to ensure you are meeting your insurance obligations
  • Sound advice and our recommendations


Following the inspection, you will receive a full report with any damage or problems noted and photos of floors, walls and ceilings by email. If there are any immediate concerns, we will contact you as soon as possible. We also test smoke alarms to ensure you are compliant with the tenancy act and ensure your record keeping is up to scratch.


One-off inspections start from $75.00* in residential areas where Property Brokers operate and vary depending on your region. Lifestyle and rural inspections are also available starting from $120.00* per inspection.
Contact your nearest Property Brokers Property Management team today for more information and to book an inspection today.


* Prices vary depending on the location and size of the property.