Sale by fixed price

Selling by fixed price

Listing your property for sale at a fixed price has both benefits and disadvantages.


Selling at a fixed price can enable both conditional and unconditional buyers to purchase your property. It makes it easier for the buyer to negotiate a sale and helps to ensure that your property only attracts buyers who are willing to offer the price that you are asking.


On the other hand, listing your property at a fixed price forces you to set your maximum price without any chance to test the market and determine the level of interest from buyers. It can also remove any sense of urgency among buyers because there is no fixed sale date (unlike an auction where the house will be sold on the day).


More notably, there is a risk of setting too high a price and frightening off potential buyers, or pricing your property too low and underselling it.  However our Property Brokers expert sales agents will provide you with the best possible advice on a fixed price to list your property for in your area.