Buying tips

Buying tips

At Property Brokers we have a lot of experience in helping people to find a new home.

Here are a few tips:


  • Find out what you can afford before you start looking. Price obviously has a huge influence on what sort of property you will buy and it is great to know where to look from the beginning.


  • Factor things like legal fees, moving, any furniture and appliances purchases into your house buying budget.  These are easy to budget for but can be a nasty shock if you don’t consider them before you purchase a home.


  • Ask advice from your experts. We’ve got loads of experience so come and ask one of our Property Brokers sales consultants. Your sales consultant and lawyer are there to help you make the purchase. Use them.


  • Get people to work for you. Find a sales consultant you trust and who knows the sort of house you are looking for and get them to find it. Remember great houses often sell quickly so it is good to know about them early. Website property alerts can perform the same function.