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The real estate industry is being increasingly driven by technology. The Property Brokers are extremely proud to offer the services of our in house IT department with industry leading real estate systems and applications to our team so they can deliver a service that offers clients the best property options in real time through the most useful channels.


Our customer relationship management system, Property Suite, is exactly that, it's an extremely useful suite; of every available property in our company. It allows us to work as a team to provide the best outcome for buyers and vendors by using the buyer matching capabilities to offer the most suitable properties, as soon as they become available, which also works for our vendors as active buyers are shown your property almost instantly if it fits their requirements.


All this technology does not mean a faceless process, as it allows our salespeople to get on with what they do best – selling real estate, giving them time to shake your hand and sit down and discuss the process. It also means that we can be transparent and keep a record of all actions taken to show what we have done for our clients.


Big is better in Property Brokers' Country and we make sure our website has the most current information available. The Property Brokers website is simple and informative because we know your time is precious, our new and improved search engine means you can access the information that you need quickly without having to sift through unwanted pages. We have thousands of people a month from London to Sydney, Waipukarau to Amberley, Auckland to Invercargill and everywhere in between searching the property market on our website,

Our real estate salespeople are armed with smartphones and tablets so they have access to all market information instantly.  We subscribe to market leading information providers so our people have up to date (up to the minute!) market information on these devices.


Property Brokers clients can rest easy they are receiving the best advice and if there is something happening in the market our people will have access to it.


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