3 for FREE Property Management Offer Terms and Conditions


1. Offer only valid through all Property Brokers branches. 


2. To qualify for the referral offer, the minimum management term for any new property is 12 months.


3. The owner of the new or ‘referred’ property is responsible for any outstanding management fees for the initial period of 12 months should they sell the property or negotiate an early termination of the management.


4. If an owner has multiple properties currently under management with Property Brokers and they refer one property, they will be entitled to the referral discount for one of their existing properties only. If they refer two properties, they will be entitled to two referral discounts and so forth.


5. If an owner with multiple properties currently under management with Property Brokers refers a property (whether it is owned by the same client or someone else)—the referral discount will be given to the property that has a similar weekly rent to the property that has been referred.


6. To qualify for the referral offer, the new or referred property cannot be transferred from another Property Brokers Branch. Whether the property belongs to the same owner or if it belongs to friend or family member, this condition applies.


7. The referral offer to the Referrer will only commence once the owners of the referred property have signed the Property Brokers Property Management Authority and once the referred property has been successfully rented.


8. The offer is valid until 31st October 2019.


9. Property Brokers retain the discretion to withhold from offering the referral offer should the terms and conditions as set out on the Property Management Authority fall within any of the following criteria;

a. The management fee is less than 8.5% + GST.
b. The property is not for residential use.
c. At the time of signing the Property Management Authority, the property has an existing tenant that Property Brokers inherit in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, and that the tenant is not more than NZD$500incl in rental arrears. (Arrears can comprise of rent, water or any other costs payable by the tenant such as pool maintenance or lawns in accordance with their tenancy agreement).
d. If the rental value of the property at the time or as estimated in terms of market value is less than NZD$200 per week (not including amenities such as water, power, SKY etc)

10. Property Brokers retain the discretion to turn down a referred property should it not meet the required standards set out by the Residential Tenancies Act, Health & Safety and internal policy.