2013 Award Winning Property Brokers' People


The close of 2013 gave us the opportunity to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our talented Sales team and professional Property Managers at the Christmas Party on the historical Wharerata grounds.


An unprecedented trifecta was achieved by Ritesh Verma (Property Brokers Wanganui) who took home three of the top company awards for Top Marketer of the Year, Top Lister of the Year and Top Units of the Year. Ritesh’s dedicated service and commitment to his team were evident in the standing ovation he received.


Rookie of the Year, an exciting award that recognises up and coming talent was taken home by Samuel Klue. Sam is a team player, a company man and he has made his mark on the Palmerston North market. He will definitely be one to watch as he will be among our future sales stars.


Ritesh Verma Sam Klue Sonia Burke  Ian Morgan


Feilding’s Sonia Burke was recognised for her outstanding contribution to the Property Management, which is an integral part of the business and it is vitally important to have dedicated and skilled people like Sonia to increase our market share.


Top Dollar of the Year went to Ian Morgan of Matamata showing what an established and experienced realtor he is in the Waikato and what a big asset he has been to the company in a relatively short period. Due to Ian’s sales might, our presence in the region is ever growing and we are well represented by the team he leads.

The following people gained entry into the exclusive Million Dollar Clubs, either for the first time or moving up to the next level of success.



$75 Million Dollar Club

$50 Million Dollar Club $25 Million Dollar Club $15 Million Dollar Club  Million Dollar Club

Francie Schwass

Tammy Shanahan

Brenda Bennett

David Scapens

Shelley Naylor

Leanne Dryfhout

Deb Quin

Blair Stevens

Willie Finch

Ian Morgan

Jamie Proude

Derrin Tunnicliffe

Lynda Bailey

Ross Morgan

Simon Manthel

Rod Fleming

Sue Fleming

Gaye Maddox

Pollie Ensing

Kaylene Phillip

Mark Lourie

Samuel Klue

Graeme Sawyer

Jo Bonner

Grant Bailey

Lianne Masters

Julie Boyes

Kathy Hawkins

Blair Cottrill

Cathryn Temple

Ian Morgan

Jo Bonner

Kathy Hawkins

Michelle Hicks & Paul Terry

Mike Dixon

Paul Lynch

Steven Schwamm

Susan Davis

Vicky Davies 


The top achievers from the last month of the recorded year were announced, as usual to give partners and colleagues the chance to celebrate with these go-getters.


Monthly Awards

Top Marketer:

Ian Morgan

Top Lister:

Tony Hewitt
Top Units: Raewyn Easton
Top Dollar: Paul Cunneen 
Top Achiever: Mark Walsh, Jo Bonner & Lynette Love



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