• 80ha Dairy Support/Finishing Block
• Excellent Central Location
• Reliable Low-Cost Irrigation Water - 39l/sec consent appiled via rotorainer
• Dairy Farm Quality Pastures and Fertility
Here is a rare opportunity to secure a quality block with reliable low cost irrigation water in a central location only 25mins from Christchurch City Centre.
Currently run as part of a larger dairy operation, this block gives purchasers the chance to secure irrigated land of "dairy farm" quality for "grazing block" prices.
Consider the options here - Beef/Lamb Finishing, Heifer Grazing, Cut and Carry or a combination of these.
For existing operations worried about controlling rising grazing and feed costs, here's your chance to put yourself back in control. For those looking at getting on to the farm ownership ladder, a better opportunity would be hard to find.

Do the number - at this money it can work!!

Note - An Adjoining 42ha + 3 bedroom home adjacent to this block could be added for purchaser looking for a larger holding.

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