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If you are looking for a fantastic event for the company or a group of mates to get involved in look no further than the Property Brokers “Race to the Brewery”.


Run as a fundraiser for Relay for Life and the Cancer Society contestants embark on a race from Property Brokers Head Office at 236 Broadway Palmerston North, taking on a variety of disciplines before being greeted with Mangatainokas finest East India Pale Ale at the Tui Brewery. 


There are 6 legs so the majority of teams are made up of 6 members but can be up to 10 and a couple of sturdy Southern Men have completed it as a two man team.


In association with our friends at Tui this event is a great challenge, good fun and in the name of a terrific cause.  If competing isn’t your thing the party at the brewery afterwards is a good incentive.



Entry is: $500 per team (4 – 10 participants)

$250 for a small team (2 – 3 participants)

$200 for solo (1 participant)


Race start 11.00am, 27/02/16 at the offices of Property Brokers, 236 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North. 

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 RTTB 2016 Sponsors


Toyota Town to Country Cycle:

A gentle start of 15kms from the

Property Brokers office on Broadway

out to the start of the

Gorge walking track.



MacDougalls The Rise and Fall Run:

For the fitter competitors, a 11km run

up and over the Gorge track finishing

at the Balance Bridge car park.



Big Barrel Last Legs:

This is not as easy as it may seem - a

7.5km walk all up hill.


Bike Barn Kamikaze Ride:

This is exactly as it sounds! For the

thrill seekers, a demanding 12km ride

along the top of the hills.



JAPAC Homes Bull Rush:

An interesting 7.5km cross country run.



Kelly's Tui Dash:

The final push to the Brewery, a 5km

run cross country run to the finish.



Disclaimer: The event organisers, the event sponsors and any other party associated with the event are released from any liability of any kind whatsoever (including liability for negligence) which might arise from any direct or indirect loss, injury or death which might be sustained in connection with any person’s actual or intended participation in the event and its related activities.
Should the event be cancelled or stopped for any reason, or should personal circumstances arise that prevent a person from participating in the event or completing the event, it is understood that the total entry fee is non-refundable.

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