Rural without the hassle

Enjoy the peace of this hidden little valley without the bother of minding livestock. This 13ha (more or less) property boasts protected wetland with rare fern birds, spotless crake and plenty of kereru and tui. The bush clad hills provide for shady walks. The large family home (384m2 approx) provides a peaceful environment with its thick beautifully whitewashed earth walls downstairs (excellent thermal mass for stable temperature, humidity and quiet) and conventional construction upstairs. The off-grid property has a quality high capacity solar and battery Outback 240 volt power system and easy to use backup generator. Mains power is available 650 metres away if desired. An excellent wood stove is a pleasure to use and provides ample hot water. The five bedrooms (master with en suite), three generously sized living areas and two bathrooms, make finding your own relaxing space easy. You can be parked in the heart of Whanganui in under 20 minutes, so you can live in your own private stress free sanctuary, whilst working in town. Make the move to lifestyle - call Mark today.

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