• $199,000 (Inc. GST)
• Wood Plantations
• 26,000 Litres Water Storage
• Bore & Well
• 8 hectares (approximately)
• Power & telephone at boundary

So many options! Build and have a wonderful lifestyle property, perhaps harvest the woodlots in time, or finish stock, grow crops? Call me now to discuss this as your future option! Approximately 600 thinned and pruned trees per hectare of the smaller block planted 94/95. Other block approximately 1200 trees per hectare, not pruned, not thinned, too late to prune, planted 96/97. Roughly 8-9 acres pruned and thinned trees, roughly 6 acres not pruned trees.

Trees need to be ideally 400 mills in diameter to harvest and export.
Approximately 5 acres bareland.

There is 1 point of water a day from the Herbert-Waianakarua water scheme, runs down the Hall side of the property to a small tank, this is on a ball cock. There is another 25litre water storage tank that can be put wherever you want it to go. There are other tanks, but no water reticulated to them.

There is a deep bore on the Bluff Hills Road side. Otago Regional Council consent would be needed to utilise this water.

Power and telecommunications run down Bluff Hill Road.

Paddocks have been fertilised yearly (but not tested), and there is a gentlemen's agreement not to plant too close to the neighbours so as not to shadow their paeonies.

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