Welcome to Hastings

A rural ‘city’ it’s the best of the both worlds, Hastings is well laid out and has a mild Mediterranean style climate. The Hastings community is diverse and take pride in their identity and welcome new comers who want to contribute to Hastings life.

The real essence of Hastings can be seen at events where the city meets the country, even the biggest townies can’t resist the events like the annual Horse of the Year, The Hawkes Bay Show and the multitude of high stakes horse races that Hastings puts on. Living in the ‘fruit bowl’ of New Zealand means feeding the family in Hastings is more of a pleasure than a chore.

Hastings is the industrial hub of the Hawkes Bay region and is vital to its growth and success, so there is every opportunity for a comfortable and rewarding lifestyle. It has been said that Hastings people love to play, which is no doubt a result of living in a place where you are spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor living with parks, bush reserves, fishing and elite sporting facilities.

The Hastings office is the flagship office in the Bay and to date has transacted over $500 million worth of property, the team are experienced and are local people who know the residential, lifestyle, rural and commercial markets well.

Professional property managers are also available to help you find the perfect home to rent or provide industry leading property management for investments.